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Test for Banking Knowledge

What is the full form of NPA

Which of the following account is specialy for companies and businessmen that allows unlimited number of withdrawals?

What is LAF

Honours your trust is the tagline of which of the following bank

Which of the following pair is not right

Which of the following cannot be endorsed

What is the full form of NBFC as used in financial sector

which of the following is safest form of crossing ?

The bank rate policy is a component of

Which of the following institution is considered as soft loan window?

An account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is done in known as

What does R stand for in NABARD

Which is the oldest bank of India

Governer of RBI is

Who among these is the CEO of SBI

What is the full form of ATM

Which term is not used in banking

Which of these is not a type of cheque

Credit which is available at low rates interest is defined as

Which bank is apex bank of USA

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