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Reading passage of English for competitive exams

It is an old saying that knowledge is power .Education is an instrument which imparts knowledge and, therefore ,indirectly controls power .Therefore ,ever since the dawn of civilization person in power...

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Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic Engineering There are various uses of Ceramics . We use ceramics in house also for the decoration and in factories also for machines. Ceramic is used in various electronic things as they are bad...

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Australian National University

The Australian National University  in situated  Canberra , the capital of Australia. This is a public university.This was established in 1946 . It is recognized all over the world as this...

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How to get job in Banking sector

Banking sector is growing day by day. Now youngsters have started taking interest in Banking Sector There is a very good opportunity of jobs for the youngsters in Banking sector .The people who are searching...

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Famous Revolutions in the World

Famous Revolutions Renaissance – It is a name given to the Revival of learning , which started in Italy in the early 14th century...

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Education in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its beautiful natural surroundings . It is also famous for its Higher education . Its universities and other institutions are known for their good quality for less fee. New Zealand...

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Kyoto University ( Japan )

Kyoto University is a national university in the city of Kyoto of Japan . This is the second oldest university in Japan . In quality also ,this is one of the best university of Japan. It was established...

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Munich university Germany

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ARTICLES Definition: An article is a word that combines with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. An article is sometimes called a noun marker also. KINDS OF ARTICLE:...

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Current affairs

Nirmal Bharat Yatra started from Maharastra will be ended in Betiya (Bihar ) Optional Nobel Means Right – livelihood award 2012 is given to Seema Samar from Afganistan In Bangladesh recently...

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List of Various committes and their Focus area

Here is a list of Committees and their main Focus Areas A C Shah Committee – Non banking Financial Company A Ghosh Committee- Frauds & Malpractices in Banks Abid Hussain Committee –...

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Conversation on education

Ram - What have you thought about your studies . Gautam - I am thinking to go abroad for MBA . Ram - Why not India . Gautam - I think Education system in India is not so good . Ram - How could...

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Conversation between a father and a son on Love marriage

Father - Hello Rahul . today in the evening you are going with us so do not go anywhere . Rahul - But today in the evening I am very busy .I have  a meeting with my boss. Father - My dear son...

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reading Fill up passage example for bank PO CWE IBPS

People are as much attuned to fairness as they are to individual self-interest .Therefore , any institution regulating human behavior will have to (1) that the compromises between individual self-interest,...

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