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Major Types of Animals (Vocabulary of English for Competitive Exams )




Aquatic – animals living in or near water , such as fish , whales , ducks

Arboreal – Animals living in trees as most birds , monkeys , etc .

Biped – an animal having only two feet , such as man , apes and birds

Carnivorus – an animal that feed , chiefly or exclusively on meat , like dogs , wolves , lions tiger.

Monotreme – a member of the lowest order of mammals , whose females lay and hatch eggs .

Nocturnal -animal that are more active during the nigh than in the day time . Like bat

Oviparous – animals belonging to a class whose females females lays eggs like birds .

Pachyderm – any of certain thick skinned , non ruminant hoofed animals like the elephant .

Herbivorous – an animal that feeds mainly on vegetable matter , plants eating .

Marsupial – order of mammals whose females nourish and protect their new born in a pounch in the abdomen . For eg. kangaroos and opossums

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