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Various forms of Education




According to teacher , curriculum and methods of teaching ,education can be into the following categories
Formal and Informal – Formal education has come into being to complete the deficiencies of informal education . Hence formal education is that education where according to pre-determined aims and methods of teching , definite dozes of knowledge are trust into the mind of a child at a specific place during a set duration of time by a particular individual.The reward of all this is invariable a certificate , diploma or degree.As such formal education is artificial and all its resources are limited .Though the main centre of formal education is school but library ,museum zoo picture galleries ,lecture and symposia, also serve as agencies of formal education.
Direct and Indirect Education – Direct education is that in which the teacher and the child are face to face and pre-determined dozes of knowledge are given to the child in a specific way during a specific duration of time. In other words , when the teacher provides such a controlled environment before a child in which the personality of the teacher directly influences the personality of child.Such education is called direct education.
Indirect education is not predetermined plan .It has no aims no method and no fixed duration of time.The child enjoys full freedom to structure of his own experiences in a natural way according to his interest and needs .Often the agencies of indirect education are informed whose aims and purposes are different.
General and specific Education- General education is also known as liberal education .Here the aim of the education is imparting education for all children upto a certain stage .General education is imparted to sharpen the intellectual of the child who is able to lead a general life successfully . Specific education has specific aims . Such education is imparted to children having special interests and aptitudes for it .The aim of specific education is to prepare a child for a specific vocation .Engineering and medical are examples of specific education.
Individual and Collective education- Individual education is that education which is provided to each child separately according to his interests, inclination needs and capacities .In such a situation, the child feels free and finds this type of education easy and useful. Because individual needs are taken into consideration in individual education , therefore from psychological point of view it is very useful.
Collective education is imparted into two groups or classes .Here there is a time table , provision of specific subjects and a specifis duration of time .This is common pattern of educational organization in our country .Children or different levels of intelligence and having different interest , aptitude and capacities sit together in groups or classes and a specific group of teachers teaches them during a specific duration through pre-planned methods the pre –planned content.

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