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Methods of teaching English Grammar




Methods of teaching grammar
The methods of teaching grammar are four which are following
1.The Traditional method
2.Informal Method
3.The reference method
4.The inductive method
The traditional method of teaching grammar-
Under ths method , grammar is taught with the help of grammar book.
This grammar book contains definitions rules ,examples and exercise.Teacher’s task is to make the definitions and rules more clear to students with the help of examples .He proceeds from definitions and rules to examples. Then, he asks students to do some exercises and memorize the definitions and rules by heart.This method has the following demerits

It emphasis on rute learning
It defaults the educational principle which proceeds to simple to complex and known to unknown
Students find it uninteresting
The Informal method – This method advocated the teaching of grammar not by rules but by usage.By continuos practice of using words while speaking , reading and writing , grammar can be learnt.This method proves useful at the early stage when pupils are taught orally .According to Suri and Bhardwaj.”The informal method connates teaching of no grammatical rules , but explaining correct usage informally during correction work.The method is a necessity in the early stage when the pupils have not measured enough of vocabulary and are yet baffling with speech” Thid method has some demerits also which are the following-
1 . All rules cannot be taught .
2. Students cannot get systematic knowledge of the language as grammar is not taught too much in this method so there is no system in this method .Things are taught without any sequence of system.
3.This method takes too much of time as the things are taught by using the items so it takes time for a learner to learn the things.

3.Refernce or Co relation method –
It is also called incidental method , since in this method grammar is taught incidently .While teaching the books , translating a passage or doing composition , complex structures go simulanteously .Since grammar is taught by relating it to the text book, advantage of this method is that students know the practical use of grammatical laws .But it has the following demerits-
1.It is not a complete method
2. It can interfere with the normal teaching.
For overcoming the first demerit , this method should be used alongwith other methods especially with inductive deductive method.

Inductive and deductive method
This method is thought to be the best method because it follows some educational principles .As a matter of fact , inductive deductive method is used to teach science . Since grammar is a science of language , it is successfully used for teaching grammar .Some grammarians think , thus both inductive and deductive are difficult methods. But it will not be appropriate to treat them as such as pointed out by Thompson and Wyatt “ Even when the facts are discovered inductively , the knowledge acquired has to be applied deductively , or it is apt to be forgotten for lack of use.
Inductive means to proceed from observation to law and deductive means to proceed from law to observation .For teaching grammar , inductively and deductively the following arer the steps to be taken
Inductive method
1. Presentation of Examples in a systematic way
2 .Observation and analysis of example.

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