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Development of Educational system in India ( Question – Answer )





What are the functions of National council of teacher education

NCTE has been in existence since 1973 but it has not been able to guide the system of teacher education to meet emerging challenges .Some of the difficulties are inherent in its constitution .To remedy this, it will be conferred autonomous and statutory status in 1993 to NCTE.

The national Council of Teacher – education has started its functioning in 1995 .The  country was divided in four zones East West North south .The U.P. state is in north zonal office of NCTE its head office is in Jaipor.The headquarter of NCTE is at New Delhi.It had made efforts for closing down B.Ed , corresponding courses in the country .It has developed norms for granting recognition to B.Ed college to both old and new ones but NCTE  cannot provide grants to B.Ed.

It would perform the following functions

1 Accretion /disaccretion of institutions of teacher’s training

2) Laying down of standard and norms for institutions of teacher education .

3) Development of guidelines for curriculam and methods of teacher education .

4. Other Functions like earning of credits for in service education ,duration of various courses emphasis to be laid in training programs for NFE/AE instructors ,plac of correspondence education in teacher education etc.

Some other functions like preparation of learning material orientation of seniors teachers etc. may continue to be performed by NCERT SCERT in co – operation with NCTE

The curriculum for teachers training needs to be revised in the light if the new policy thrust .In particular there should be an emphasis on integration of education ad culture ,work experience ,physical education and sports ,the study of Indian culture and problems of the unity and curriculum should bring out the importance of these areas ducational technology will influence not only methodologies of teaching –learning process but also the contents and their design .These aspects should also be taken into account while framing the curriculum.

State the objectives of teacher education according to National Commission of Teachers (1983-85)

In their reports National Commssion on Teachers said “ What obtains now in the majority of our teaching colleges and training Institutions are woefully inadequate and in the contxt of the changing needs of India today.”

Specifying the objectives if teacher education the commission stated “ The minimum requirement of any training programme is that it should enable the trainee to acquire the basic skills and competencies of a good teacher such as

1)      To manage  class with the students of various abilities.

2)      To communicate ideas logically and with clarity

3)      To use the technology available to make teaching effective .

4)      TO organize educative experience outside  of class and to learn to work with the community and help the students do so.

The commission desired that tomorrow’s teacher has to translate the national goals into educational actions .He has to communicate to his pupils the importance of and t he feelings for national itegrety and unty ,the need for a scientific attitude and a concern for society .He should be committed to those values .At a global level he has to have an understanding and appreciation of the human predicament ,population explosion ,environmental pollution the threat of nuclear holocaust and the quest for world peace .Besides being proficient in the skills related to teachers  should imbibe the right attitudes and values.


Write a note on training Facilities in Free India

In 1947 there were following three types of institutions for teachers training in India :

1)Normal  School For teachers of Primery  schools .

Secondary Training Schools – For teachers of middle schools

Training Colleges –For teachers  of High Schools

Facilities of teachers training have been expanded in the post independent period .Suggestions given by the University Education Commision 1953 and Kothari Commision 1964 – 65 have been implemented by the Government .These suggestions are as follows –

University  Education commission – 1948 – 499

1)      The curriculum of traing institutions should be reformed .Importance should be given to the practice of teaching in schools instead of bookish knowledge .

2)      While evaluating the work of the students , special attention should be given to their success in teaching work .

3)      Only suitable schools should be selected for practice of sufficient experience of teaching in schools.

Secondary Education Commision –

1) Training schools should be of two types

a)      Schools for those students who have compeleted secondary education

b)      Schools for the guardians

2) Teachers – student should be trained in more than one teaching method.

3 ) Provision should be made for refresher courses ,short intensive courses on special subjects and practical training workship in the training schools.

4)      No fees should be charged fron the teacher- students of the training schools.



What recommendations have been made for improving the quality of training institution ?

Most of the colleges of education offer only pre – service training .Only a few colleges of education have extension Departments which organize short term courses or workshops for the benefit of teachers in service .Every teacher should continuously update his knowledge .It should be possible for the state to give him facilities through periodical seminars orientation courses workshop and refresher courses .There is communication gap between the academicians in – charge of educational planning and teachers who have to make these schemes successful.The secondary education commission has aptly remarked “ However excellent the prgrrame of teacher training may be it knowledge , skill and attitude which will enable the teacher , to begin his task with a reasonable degree of confidenc and with the minimum amount of experience .Increased efficiency will come through experience critically analysed and through individual and group efforts in improvement”

Stressing the need  for providing in- service training to all teahers , the Education Commission recommended.

A large scale and co – ordinted programme of in – service education for teachers should be organized by universities , training institution and teachers’ organizations for teachers at all levels .The target should be that everyt teacher will receive at least two or three months in service education in every five years of his service.

The programme of summer Institutions for in- service education of secondary school teachers should be extended with follow up and active collaboration among the agencies concerned.


Each college of education may specialists in one or two subjects .Through its Exteension Department in mayorganise necessary short – term courses for secondary and higher schools teachers in the area with the co – operation of the Department of school of education .This shall arrest the falling standard in school education .NCERT is providing financial assistance to State Councils of Education Research and Training / state Institution of Education to conduct workship , refresher courses introduction courses etc.These programmes have brought secondary and higher secondary school teachers and the colleges of Education closer and have resulted in the revision of teachers preparation course.

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