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The assignment is a task to be done at home by the pupils. Already learnt knowledge is repeated through drill work .In review content is got repeated in a new way .Similarly , through home assignment , the required knowledge is mad permanent .In short , in home assignment , the knowledge acquired in school is given to the pupils to read write and learn by heart.
Importance of Assignment
In the teaching process , the home assignment is the important in a special way .We are throwing light on its importance in the following lines:
Motivative : In class , pupil get hardly any opportunity to utilize the new knowledge .The home assignment provides maximum motivation to use the acquired knowledge .
Development of self Study habit – While doing the home assignments the pupil hae to write the answers of the questions themselves .Hence , they bring books of various subjects at home from the library to study them. This study of the books develops the habit of self – study among the pupils . As a result of this , the desirable attributes like self – confidence and self reliance also develop among them .

Time Saving – The lesson given as home assignment does not require its re- teaching .This saves time.
Guidance in Learing – Properly planned assignment helps in guidance .The pupil and the teacher gain success in achieving educational objectives.

Encouragement to Self – Activity – The pupil get opportunityes to express viewa by self – activity .This develops their power of expression.
Help in Fixation – Psychology researches have proved that for fixation , not only school’s environment but also home’s environment should be academic .Otherwos =e it would be impossible for the pupils to memorize the knowledge learnt in the class .As the home assignment provides special assistance in making the home environment academic , therefore some part related to the lesson must be given for memorization at home .This makes the acquired knowledge permanent.
Types of assignment
The classification of home – assignment is done invariably .Some of these classification are being given in the following lines
Informative – It is such a home assignment in which the pupil collects various types of information such as pupils should be ordered to reply the following question –
What are the main industries of Saharanpur ?
Who founded Anup city
Probleatic – It is such an assignment in which the pupils search out the solution of some problems themselves.
Memorization Type : It is such a home assignment in which the pupil try to cram the already read lesson eg … the pipils should be directed to learn any poem of the book by heart.
Study Type- This assignment is too easy .In this , pupils are asked to prepare a note on some topic.
According to another classification, the home assignments can be divided into two parts :
Average – It is that assignment which ant student can attempt . In other words , average home work has to be done normally by each and every pupil.
Achievement Level type- This type of assignment is given to the pupils according to the individual variations of the pupils.In another words more problematic and sufficient home assignment is given to the pupils having sharp intelligence and simpler and limited home assignment is given to the mentally retarded pupils.
Characteristics of Good Asssignment
The following are the characteristics of an good assignment
Purposeful : An good assignment has one or the other purpose .Purposeless assignment fails to make the pupils interested in doing that task.
Motivation – A good assignment motivates the pupils to acquire new knowledge .Hence , the home assignment should be such that the pupils get motivated themselves for accomplishing that assignment .They should not take up it ust avoid punishment or to get some reward .
Stimulative : A good assignment creates curiosity among the pupils .Under the influences of this curiosity , the pupils become active and they accomplish the assignment.
Definite and clear – A good assignment is definite and clear .At the very first sight , it becomes clear to the pupils what they are to do and how much are to do .Unless and until they do not get clear and definite idea of the home task, they do not like to do it . Hence it must be made easy and clear to the pupils the home task given to the pupils.
Interesting : A good assignment is according to the interest attitude and natural tendencies of the pupils. Hence , while providing home assignments, the interest , capabilities and tendencies of the pupil must be looked after , otherwise they would not show full interest in completing that home assignment .
Related the Previous knowledge – A good task is related to the previous knowledge and experiences of pupils. Remember if the home task is not related to the previous knowledge of the pupils they cannot acquire the new knowledge conveniently .Hence ,the pupil teacher should be conscious about this .
Based on individual Differences – A good home task is based on individual differences . Hence , the intelligence quotient interest and aptitudes of the pupil should be considered while assigning the home task .If the home task will not be according to the mental level of the pupils they will not be able to finish it . As a result , the objective of the home task will not be achieved .From this point of view , sharp – minded pupils should be assigned comparatively more complex and sufficient home task .
Relevant – A good home task is related to the learnt lesson .Not only this home task makes tha main points permanent .From this angle , the home assignment should be useful and appropriate in the practical life of the pupils.
Accurate – A good home task is accurate and real with regard to the language , subject and validity . Hence all these things should be cared while framing the home assignment .
Economic – A good home task is in short but the pupils gain much knowledge from this .

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