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Some questions of Ratio and proportion





Some questions of Ratio and proportion

1 . 15 men can earn 2400 in 4 days . How many men will can earn Rs. 3600  in 6 days .

Ans – 15

2.In an NCC camp of 300 cadets , there was enough food for 22 days , But as some more cadets joined the camp on the very first day , the food was exhausted in 20 days only . The number of cadets joined later was  what ?

Ans – 30

3. In the income of A is 10% more than that of B and the income of B is 20% less  than that of C then the incomes of A , B and C are respectively in the ratio of what ?

Ans – 22: 20: 25

4. The ratio between male and female in a bus at stop 1 was 3:1 . 16 passengers get down and female ride at stop 2 Now the ratio of m ale and female is 2:1 .What was the total number of persons in the bus stop 1 ?

Ans – 64

5 . A bag contains one ruppe , fifty paise and 25 paise coins in the ratio of 2:3: 4 .If total amount is rupees 180 the number of fifty paise coins is what ?

Ans – 120

6.The ratio of profit between two partners is 2: 7 and difference of terns is 40 . Find the proper ratio

Ans – 16:56

7.The differences of two numbers is 45 % of their sum .The ratio of larger number to smaller one is

Ans – 29:11

8.The ratio of present age of A and B is 2: 3 .after 6 years this ratio will be 3:4 .The present age of A is

Ans :6 years

9.In a mixture of 60 litres , the ratio of ethanol to ether is 4:1 .How much ether must be added to the mixture to make the ratio 2:1

Ans 20

10 . The proportion of Zinc and copper in a brass piece is 4:5 .How much zinc will be there in 180 kg of such a piece?

Ans – 80 KG

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