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Some question answers of Probability




1)      A cricket team has 15 members of whome only 5 can bowl . If the names of the 15 members are put into a hat and 11 are drawn at random , then the chance of obtaining an eleven containing at least 3 bowlers is

a)      7/13

b)      11/15

c)       12/13

d)      12/15


2)      8 coins are tossed simultaneously . The probability of getting at least 6 heads is –

a)      57/64

b)      229/256

c)       7/64

d)      37/256

3. From a pack of cards, two are drawn, the first being replaced before the second is drawn . The probability that the first is a diamond and the second is a king will be –


b) 5/52





4)      A number is chosen at random among the first 120 natural numbers . What is the probability of the number chosen being multiple of 5 or 15 ?


b) ¼

c) 5/9


5) Three dice are rolled .What is the probability of getting different faces ?

a) )1/3

b) ¼

c) 5/9


6) What is the probability that three persons selected at random will be born on different days of the week?

a) 48/49

b) 2/3

c) 30/49

d) 36/49


7) The probability of having a king and a queen when the two cards are drawn at random from the pack of 52 cards is –

a) 16/663

b) 8/663


d)2 /663

8) A card is drawn from an ordinary pack and a gambler bets that it is either a spade or an ace . The odds against his winning are –

a) 9:4

b) 9:5


d) 9:8

9) The probability that a leap year , selected at random contains 53 Sundays is –

a) 1/3

b) 2/7

c) 3/7

d) 4/3

10) The probability of solving a problem by three students is ½ , 1/3 and ¼ respectively . The probability  that the problem is solved is equal to

a) 1/3

b) 1/ 2

c) ¼

d) ¾


Answers – 1)d


3) c

4) a






10) d

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