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Reasoning ( Data Sufficiency )




In such kinds of questions one question is given and two statements are given . Our answer is first if only by first statement we can get the answer . Our answer is 2 if only by second statement we can get the answer . it is three if both are required . forth if any of them is required and fifth if by none of the we cannot get the answer .
1)How is manik Related to Nisha
a)Manik is the only son of nisha’s mother in law .
b). Ritu is manik’s only sister only.
Solution – From I we know that Manik is the son of Nisha’s mother in law . So Nisha’s mother in law has only one son who is the husband of Nisha so Manik is husband of Nisha .Thus 1st alone is sufficient for the answer . So answer is 1
2)What is the color of fresh grass ?
1. Blue is called green , red is called orange , orange is called yellow .
2. Yellow is called white , white is called black and green is called brown and brown is called purple .
Solution – Answer is II as green is called brown so fresh grass is brown .
3 . Among D F J P and A who reached office last ?
a) F and J reached office together .
b) Only D and P reached office before J
Solution – both the statements are required for getting thr answer . We come to know that D and P only reach before J and F so A reached after J and F so he reached at last .

4.What does ta mean in a code language ?
1. Pa ja ta means in a code language ?
a) Pa ta ja means over and above in the code language .
b ) ho ka pa means come over here in the code language .
Solution – Clearly to fine the code for ta we need to know the either only ta or both pa and ja common in I and II together it is not sufficient to answer the question even with the both statements .
5.In a row of five children A , B C, D and E who is standing in the middle ?
a) D is to the immediate right of E and B is to the immediate left of E .
b) B is at the extreme left of the row .
Solution – As at left of E there is B and in right side it is D and B is at the Extreme Left so others two will be after D so D will be in the middle and we come to know about it with the help of both the statement .

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