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The square root of 55225 is

The value of square of 2/7 upto three places is

The square root of 17.859076 , upto 3 places of decimal is

The square root of 17.859076 , upto 3 places of decimal is

The least whole number of four digits which is perfect square is

The least number which is a perfect square and is also divisible by 4, 5 6 , and 9

If 36 binders bind 900 books in 10 days how many binders will be required to bind 1200 books in 12 days ?

If A can Complete a work in 30 days and B complete the same work in 25 days , then in how many days will A and B together complete the work ?

A can complete a work in 12 days , whereas A and B together can complete the same work in 9 days . How many days will it take B to complete the work ?

If 3 men or 6 boys can finish a work in 20 days then 6 men and 8 boys finish the twice the work in

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