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Maths Test for Competitive Exams

A train moves with a speed of 108 kmph . Its speed in metre per second is

The speed of a boat in still water is 10 - km /hr . If it can travel 26 km downstream and 14 km upstream in the same time , the speed of the stream is -

What percent worth of Rs. 132 due in 2 years at 5 % simple interest per annum?

Average rainfall from july to feb is 30 cm per month . If the average rainfall from July to Nov is 28 cm and from Nov to feb is 34 . Then rainfall during November is

Nitish sold 2 calculators for rs 990 each . On one calculator he gained 10% and on another he lost 10% find his gain or loss in the transaction

The ratio of present ages of A and B is 2:3 .After 6 years this ratio will be 3 :4 . The present age of A is

The differances of 35% discount and two successive discount of 20% and 20% on a bill is 22. The amount of the bill is

Mishra ,Sharama , Shukla started a business with rs 47000.Mishra puts 5000 more than sharma and sharma 3000 more than shukla . The share of Mishra out of the profit of Rs 14100

Ravi and Rajan are two Partner in a firm sharing the profit in the ratio 4:5 .If the firm earns a profit of Rs. 14130 ,then the profit to be received by Rajan is

Of three numbers , the sum of the first two numbers is 45 ,the sum of the second and third is 55 and the sum of the third and thrice the first is 90 the third number is what

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