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Heurism word has been taken from Greek language . It has been derived from the word Heurisco which mean is I discover . In this view heurism or heuristic methods in which the pupil search out the knowledge themselves by keeping themselves physically and mentally active or they learn them selves .In this method , the teacher creates such an environment that a problem arises before the pupil.All the pupil think about the problem , observe that and in the end they conclude some results .In this way , all the pupils find ut truth by their own way.In short ,in this method the pupil find out the truth by themselves . In short , in this method
1 the teacher creates problems before the pupils
2 Presents suitable material in order to solve the problem and as the need arises , the teacher provides necessary guidance so that they may search out new knowledge by solving the problem as a result of making use of books , devices and other resources of his choice.The teaching order of the heuristic method can be divided into the following steps-
Creation of problem – In this step , the teacher presents a problem to the pupil in such a way so that every pupil may come to know about that.
Discovery of facts –In t his step , the teacher presents various books , devces and other necessary equipments in order to solve problem .Not only this , he also guides them so that they may collect the problem related facts.
Formation of Hypothesis- In this step, the pupil collect facts by experiments in the favour of or against the hypothesis . In other words they test the hypothesis by considering many false facts as the basis.
Drawing Conclusion-In this step , the pupil accepts only true hypothesis and leaves the false one .This conclusion is known as their discovered knowledge according to which the principles and laws are formulated .
Merit of heurism –
In heurism method , pupil learn by doing themselves .Hence , it is a psychological method of teaching.
In this method , pupil realize the problem , think about it , observe it , test it , conclude it .This creates scientific attitude in pupil .Hence this method is also a scientific method od teaching.
In heuristic method , in addition to the mental and reasoning powers development of self confidence and intellectual interdependent etc.
In this method , pupil work themselves and consult themselves .This coordinates their physical and mental powers.
In this method , pupils work themselves and consult it . This coordinates their physical and mental powers .
Demerits of Heuristic Method
1) Heuristic method id useful only for those pupils who are talented and eager to know .
2) This method is useful only for the higher classes.
3) The modern culture and civilization has become so much complicated that every pupil cannot acquire knowledge by doing research himself.
4) This method is not useful for those classes where students are out of numbers.
5) While using this method a teacher should prepares everything before hand which depreives the pupils of the opportunities of self thinking .This also deprives them of the training of self discussion.

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