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Some terms related to geography




Aphelion- It is a point in the earth’s orbit when it is the farthest from the sun ( 152.5 million kilometer .Aphelion occurs on the 3rd or 4th of july.
Bolson – It is a closed desert basin with no drainage outlet , surrounded by mountains .
Brine – It is the seawater with salinity greater than 35 parts per thousand and usually occure in isolated bodies od seawater that have high amounts of water loss due to evaporation .
Calving is the loss of glacier mass when ice breaks off into a large water body like an ocean or a lake.
Cardinal Points – The four main points of the compass NSEW
Cirque – it is a glacially eroded rock basin found on mountains . most alpine glaciers originates from a cirque.
Cirrus Clouds – are high altitude clouds composed of ice crystals that h ave an appeareance of white feather like patches , or thin bands . These are found in an altitude range from 5000 to 18000 metres .
Cotour – it is the line drawn on a map to join places of the same height above sea level.
Conurbation – it is when two cities grow, eventually merge together . In other words , it is an urban agglomeration , wherein due to transportation development , links are established to create a single urban work area.
Coriolis Forces – It is an apparent force due to the Earth’srotation that causes moving objects to be deflected to the right in the Northen Hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere . This force is responsible for the direction of flow in meterological phenomena like mid- latitude cyclones hurricanes and anticyclones

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