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Indian Cities and their founders




Cities and their founder
Agra – Agra was called arya griha .The name Agra was first mentioned by Ptolemy and its glory was at its peak during the reign of Akbar .Jehangir and Shahjaan .infact in 1558 Akbar aid the foundation of the modern Agra.
Almora- It is in Uttrakhand .It holds a special placein history for it was the only hill station which was not founded by any British .It was founded by Raja Kalyan Chand in 1568.
Ayodhya –It was founded by Manu according to Ramayana.
The Corbett national park-It was established in the year 1936 and it is also refered as the Haily National Park.
Farukhabad- It was founded by Shaikh Farid.
Gurgaon- It is a place which was given by Yudhishter,the eldest son of Pandu to his Guru Dronacharya as a token of love and respect.
Hyderabad – It was founded by Muhammad Quil Qutb shah in 1591.
Ludhiyana –It was founded in 1480 AD by Lodhi Chief Nihand Khan of Lodhi dynasty in Mir Hota village .Ludhiyana was initially called as Lodhi-ana.
Mussoorie – It is called the queens of Hills .It was first discovered by the caption Young and his friend Shore in year 1825.
Srinagar- It was founded by Ahoka the Great belonging to the 3rd century B C .The original city of Srinagar was called as Srinagar .The present city was built by pravarsena II adjoining the old city.
Bhopal – An Afgan soldier of fortune ,dost mohammed 1708-1740 was the founder of the existing city , which is situated on the site of the 11th century city Bhojapal, founded by legendary Raja Bhoja.

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