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The largest Parliament
Ans : China
Largest Zoo
Ans : Kruger National Park, South Africa
The biggest Flower
Ans : Rafflesia
Largest Bird
Ans : Ostrich
Largest Land animal
Ans : Elephant
Largest man-like ape
Ans : Gorilla
Highest Mountain
Ans : Everest
Highest Airport
Ans : Leh
Highest waterfalls
Ans : Angel Falls, Venezuela
Oldest National Flag
Ans : Denmark
Fastest animal
Ans : Cheetah
Tallest animal
Ans : Giraffe
Operating system of a computer manages
Ans : all the operations of a computer
Software that can manipulate or destroy data or programs in a computer is known as
Ans : Virus
One kilobyte is equal to
Ans : 1024 bytes
Who is the architect of Supercomputer
Ans : Seymour Cray
Which computer company introduced mouse for the first time
Ans : Apple Corporation
Who developed the World Wide Web first
Ans : Timothy Berners Lee

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