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G.K. papper for IBPS Clerical 2012

Who is the CAG of India ?

Who among these did not win medal In olympics

The first National Bank in India which obtained license for Internet banking from RBI is

Which of the following is not a liability of Commercial banks ?

RBI was nationalised on

Open Market Operations are controlled by

What is the Capital of New Zealand

What is the full form of ICAR

Where is Bandipur Natioanl Park

Who is the Prime minister of austrailia

The full form of SLR

Treasury Bills are shown in India

At Present which one of the following sectors has largest share in the Natioanl Income of India ?

Which among of the following Ministry is running the Villege Grain Bank Scheme ?

Who is the Finance minister of India ?

Who is decleared Miss World 2012

Who is the write of My Country My Life

Who among this is given Dronacharya Award in 2012

Which game does Sebestian Vittal Belong to ?

Golden Peocock Award is given to whom?

Who is the Financial Advisor of Prime Minister?

Who is Shreyansh Kumar Jain?

What is the full form of E.P. F.

Which of the Following term is not true about RTGS transaction?

Which of the following term is not used in banking sector

What does the letter M stand for in the term SME ?

Which of the following organisation provides credit history of the borrowers

Banking and financial Services , all over the world are regulated usually by Monetary Authority of the land . Who controls this function in India?

Which of the following loan accounts falls in the purview of base rate system

What is Repo Rate

In olympics Who played with Leander Peas in Doubles ?

Which term is not used in Badmintton

Brajesh Mishra Passed away Recently . Who was he?

Who won highest gold medals in individual performance in all the Olympics ?

Who is the Writer of Narcopolice?

Who is the governor of Rajasthan?

Who is the Chief Minister of Goa

Who is called Agni Putri For her Contribution in Agni IV

Agha Khan Cup is associated with which Sports

Olympics 2016 will beheld in

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