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People are as much attuned to fairness as they are to individual self-interest .Therefore , any institution regulating human behavior will have to (1) that the compromises between individual self-interest, collective interest and fairness are all within tolerable limits. These trade- offs are as (2) for larger institutions, including the largest of them all ie the state , as they are not for the smallest ones like the family.(3) as parents should not repeatedly favour one child over another.The (4) of fairness is ingrained in our psyches .Since human beings often grab what they can , we need institutions to ensure fair (5) .Of these institutions , the state in the most important since it is (6) to ensure of that basic human needs are ensured with minimal standards .The state (107)of or uninterested in ensuring equity in security , education , food , health and shelter is a state whose legitimacy will be questioned.

Further , the legitimacy of the state is dependent on its being as close to a neutral umpire as possible . When the state (8) partisan , its legitimacy can be questioned . When the state sheds the umpire’s clothes and becomes one of the player, the rules of fair play are so badly (9) that we can only call such an event intolerable.(10)
1) A) Demand b) ensure c) consider d) encompass f regulate
2) A important b) insignificant 3. Juvenile d ) Supreme f) Part
3) 1) presently 2 ) Same 3) So 4) Like 5) Just
4) Opinion 2 Judgement 3 end 4) Drama 5) Conclusion
5) 1 People 2) Dissipations 3) Outcomes 4) Affects 5) Discouragements
6) 1 ) Stimulated 2 ) Calculated 3 ) Considered 4) Hastened 5) Designed
7) 1 ) Qualified 2) Riddled 3) powerful 4 Incapable 5) Shortening
8) 1 Appears 2 ) Allow 3) Become 4) recommends 5) Visualizes
9) Twist 2 stopped 3) Mended 4) broken 5) Abated
10) Truth 2) fairness 3. Injustice 4. Murder 5 fortune

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