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Conversation between a shopkeeper and a customer




Shopkeeper: Welcome Sir. How can I help you.

Customer: I want a birthday cake.

Shopkeeper: Ok . sir which flavor do you want to buy ?

Customer: I want two layer strawberry cake.

Shopkeeper : Do you want eggless cake ?

Customer: Yes I want eggless.

Shopkeeper : Ok . But we make eggless on the orders . It will take minimum two hours. Either you can wait or you come by two.

Customer: O.k. no problem I will come by two but how much its cost for.

Shopkeeper : I want two confirm the weight of the cake also .

Customer : I want 3 pound cake .

Shopkeeper: It would be for Rs. 400.

Customer :Any concession ?

Shopkeeper: Sorry sir I have already told you the minimum one.

Customer:  But I am one of your oldest customer. You should give me some concession .

Shopkeeper :I am sorry sir I am unable to give you any discount .

Customer : O.k. I will give you Rs 400 . but I need the best quality . I do not want to do any compromise with the quality and the taste .

Shopkeeper : I make you sure for that . You know about us . we always give the best taste and none of the customer has complain against us . You are also buying cakes from ur for last five years.

Customer: Ok . I will come at 2 o clock . and I want three rose flowers designed on the cake.

Shopkeeper : Oh sure sir . You will have to deposit half of the amount in advance .

Customer : But why I am your old c ustomer . Don’t you have faith in me .

Shopkeeper : Sir this is not the matter of faith .Actually sometimes it happens that the customer changes his programs and we have to bear the loss.

Customer : O.k. I can understand . These are your Rs 100/-.

Shopkeeper : Thank you  sir . See you again at 2 .

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