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Conversation between x husband and wife




Conversation between x husband and wife
Sanjay – So how is your life now ?Are you happy with your life.
Indrani- Exactly , I am very happy as I have got rid of you .Now do not have any problem.
Sanjay –How is our daughter Sheena ?Is she happy with your decision?
Indrani- Which decision?
Sanjay – You decision Indrani .Your decision of separating and get marry with your boss.
Indrani – Why would not she? Even if she is not happy she will have to be .It is my life at all. Myself will take my all the decisions.
Sanjay – How selfish you are.
Indrani – I am selfish .You think about yourself .Whatever I did it was for the welfare of my daughter.You tell me what you did of us ? You always thought of yourself only. Did you fulfill any of the responsibility as a father and as a husband?
Sanjay – Yes I accept all your allegations .Yes I did not fulfill my duties. I was fail but separation was not the ultimate solution.
Indrani –Then what was the solution? I should also go to prison as you went.
Sanjay – Whatever happened it was the destiny .I was drunk that time .I did not do anything intentionally .
Indrani –Did anyone else make you drink alcohol?
Sanjay – I am really sorry for all t his but I cannot live without my daughter sheena ,indrani ,Please try to understand . You live a happy life with your second husband but give me my daughter.
Indrani – Did you ever imagine what I suffer during that period? I will not give you my daughter sheena.I remarried only for the bright future for her .I did this only for her security.

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