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Conversation between mother and daughter on the matter of household works




Mother : Seema ! Why do you spend a lot of time on studies only ? You should also learn the household works .

Seema : Mumma ! I want to become an officer and to fulfill my dream I will have to study a lot . I cannot pay attention on it .

Mother : My dear ! For girls it is more necessary to  learn household works rather than to pay more attention on studies.

Seema : Mumma you are talking as we are in 18th century . Now career is more important than any other thing in life .

Mother: See , I was also a student and I also gave time to learn household work . Now my studies are not giving any benefit to me it is only house hold works by which I am capable to look after you and the whole house. So it is more  important for girls than any other thing.

Seema : Mumma , Time has changed now . Now girls are showing their talents in each and every field .

Mother : If you do not learn house hold work then how will you be able to look after your house after marriage and who will marry you ?

Seema : My mother I myself will search for  my groom you do not take tension of that. Let me study please .

Mother: Oh my God ! Now the children have no  manners how to talk with their parents you are talking about your groom to your mother. Do not you feel hesitation ?

Seema : Oh mumma please let me study . Day after tomorrow is my exam and I want to get first division and here instead of helping me you are discussing about house hold work.

Mother : O K I am going and today I will talk to your father that you have become very rigid and do not follow my instructions .

Seema : O K mumma you can do it .No problem.

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