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Conversation between husband and wife




Wife :So you are late again. Why did you come lately today. You told me to get ready at 8 and it is 11 now where were you for last three hours .

Husband : Sorry I suddenly had to go for the meeting . I had to attend that . To miss that meeting means to bear the loss of 10 lakhs .

Wife : Do not make excuses I am aware of you and your habits. Tell me if you had to go for a meeting then why  did not you inform me for that.

Husband : I called you up but your mobile was out of coverage area .

Wife : Oh What an excuse ! I am here only from the morning and you are saying that my cell was out of coverage . Could you please show me your mobile.

Husband :Why do you want to see my mobile ?

Wife :I want to check either you called me or not .

Husband : Do not you have trust in me .You have trust in mobile but not in your own husband .

Wife :No actually I want to check my mobile is there any problem in my mobile and for that I will have to take your mobile as I want to ring my mobile up .So what the problem do you have ?

Husband : Actually in the morning I forgot to charge my mobile so while going for the meeting it was switched off . So you can not get your no in dial list .

Wife : That’s great you always have good reasons . I want to take classes from you . When are we starting our classes .

Husband :D o you know one thing you are very rigid . you don’t have faith in me that’s why you always fight with me .

Wife : How can I trust you when you do not care of me . You did not even told me about your meeting and here I had been waiting for three hours getting ready .Did not you even think about me ?

Husband : No I take care of you a lot . I know you must be waiting for me and I did not even inform you . I make you sure that we will go tomorrow .

Wife : No you are telling lie . Today also you said the same .

Husband : Yes I said but believe me tomorrow I will not repeat it again .

Wife : O.k. but what if you repeat it again .

Husband :I will do whatever you will say .

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