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Conversation between Ram and his father about not getting a job

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Plz answer it as soon as possible its urgent

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Father – Son .I got a job for you.
Son – Great papa, Please tell me the work profile of it.
Father – Son .It is the job for Office boy.
Son – Papa .What are you talking about?I am a graduate .Will I do the job as an office boy?
Father – Beta they will give the salary of 5000.
Son – Even ten I will not do this job .
Father -What will you do then ?
Son-I will search a job papa.
Father -You have been searching for a job from last two mots .Did you get any success?
Son -But it does not mean to serve as an office boy.
Father – Do not think to get stuck to the job as soon as you get the other job ,leave this one .
Son -It is not so easy papa.After working as an office boy my image will be like that only .I will have a tag of an office boy .ow could you think like that.
Father – As an office boy you can learn a lot.You observe your seniors and try to learn the things from him. Simultaneously you will earn.
Son – What so ever it is ,I will not do this job.
Father – Son .You know my financial condition is not good .I spent all my savings on your studies and ave taken loan for this house now it is not possible for me to meet with all the expenses .I need your help to run the house.
Son -Father ,I will do my best to get a good job but sorry I can not do this job .I would rater serve as a labourer to help you .

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