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Computer test for IBPS clerical 2012

The short cut key used to pasting text from clipboard is

Header is

Grammitical errors are shown in which colour?

Which command is used to ask you to confirm that you want to delete the dictionary

Spell check is under which Menu

PROTOCOL consist of

Video Conferencing is used for

Computer Program which is used to run a website is

Which of the following is a correct defination of volatile memory

Which of the following is a correct defination of volatile memory

The distance betweentext boundaries and page margins

Operating system is

In computer terminology a compiler means

Which alienment makes sure that none of the edges of text appear ragged ?

A value used in formula that does not change is called a

What can chart wizard do

DDP stands for

When the cutting and pasting , the item cut is temporarily stored in

Microsoft office is

Which of the following can handle most system functions that are not directly by the operating system

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