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Writing objectives in behaviour terms

Writing objectives in Behaviour terms In modern teaching process , the following is the need or importance of writing teaching objectives in behavior terms : 1) Writing objectives in behavior terms...

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Computers questions for SBI PO exam 2013

1 . The part o the computer containing the circuitry that does the adding , subtracting multiplying , divining and comparing , is called as a) Arithmetic –Logic Unit b) Control c) Memory d) CPU...

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Vocabulary Related to subjects

Ornithology - Study of Birds Seismology - Study of Earthquakes Anthropology -  Study ofMan Phycology - Study of Algae Palaeontology -  Study ofFossils Taxonomy -  Study ofClassifications Entomology...

Competitive exams of Engineering after 12th

1. All Indian Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE): All Indian Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) is the famous exam to take admission in engineering and architecture courses in famous and good engineering...

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Steps to get success

No one can become rich in a day . These things are true in stories only . One has to do a lots of hard work to get success .The result of the hard work also comes after a very hard work . Some people...

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Happiness a tonic for health

Happiness is a tonic for our body . We people spend a lot on medicines to get rid of many problems like frustration and depression but happiness is solution to all .


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