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Now this thought has changed that there are less opportunities for the arts students . If you has the talent there is no lack of opportunities . Creativity is the quality which is required in many fields . Designing is one of them .
According to the time the definition of creativity has extended . Now it is not limited to some fields only . Now many courses come under it only like story writing , mobile designing and fashion designing etc . one cal select any of the course according to his interest but training is required to become professional .If you have taken training then only you can be presentable in front of the world.

Graphic and web designing
Either it is the work to give a good look to website or to give good look to the magazines ,people need web and graphic designers. There are many opportunities in this field . One can get the jobs in multimedia companies , Printing media , and as web developers and as a game designer .One need to do the courses related to multimedia designing . The university of Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi provides this course. Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic also provide this course .

Footwear Designing – Footwear for the people of all the age groups are designed .In it sandals, shoes sports shoes all are designed .After doing the course in foot wear designing one can get the job in manufacturing companies. In Noida Foot wear Design and Development Institute in very good . In Agra Central Footwear Training Centre Agra also provide the same .

Building Designing ( Architect and Interior Designing )
An architect draws the whole structure of a building and determines the whole pattern of construction .During this task he keeps all the information of its material , lighting and security.An architect can work as an interior designer also to make the building attractive .An architect is responsible to make the building while an interior designer is responsible to make the interior of a house attractive. One can get a lots of opportunities if he is a good architect. There is lots of money in this occupation if one proves himself a good architect. In Ahmadabad School of Architecture is very good for it .

Fashion Designing – If we are talking about designing , most of the people will consider it fashion designing as fashion designing is the most popular field in designing . There are many courses available in many institutions . There are degree courses as well as diploma courses in Fashion designing .One can get jobs in many fields after doing this course . If one is not interested in jobs he or she can also start his /her own work . A person can open a boutique .NIFT in Delhi and pearl academy in Delhi are famous institutes which provide training in Fashion designing .

Textile Designing
-Textile Designing has become a main part of fashion designing .When the fabric of good quality will be made then only the industry of fashion designing can grow . In textile designing the information of the producing fabric designing and printing is given .Indian Institute of technology Delhi is a very good institution for this course .

Motor Designing- Now we can see a huge variety of cars and motor cars .It is obvious now that the companies have a tough competition in attracting the consumer . We can see the same competition in two wheelers also . Now there is a tough competition in bikes also. So the demand of motor designers is increasing day by day . If you want to become a motor car designer it is necessary for you to do the automobile engineering .In in there are both the courses available Graduate and Post graduate .
Rustam ji Institute of Technology Gwalior is famous for it .

Furniture Designing – Earlier it was thought that it was the carpenter who designs the furniture but by the passes of time the scope of furniture designing is increased . Now we can see the huge variety of furniture in the market which is impossible for a traditional carpenter to design. So there is demand of furniture designers also .This is a good option for the creative people .Indian Institute of Craft and Design Jaipur is a well known institution .

Industrial Designing – This is the stream for the student of science. In it many electronic items like Television , Computers office accessories are designed . It is a very responsible work as little carelessness can harm people so for it ,the designer who has the knowledge of designing as well as security , are required .In Mumbai Industrial Design centre IIT is famous for it.

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