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What is the name of the reputed financial service company whose recent downgrading of the United state's long term credit ratings led to an adverse global financial crisis?

The reserve Bank of India had decided to withdraw its nominee directors from the boards of which of the following types of banks?

Which of the following banks is taken over by the Standard Chartered Bank?

Corporation Bank is also a distributors of the Mutual Fund Products .For this the bank has an agreement with which of the following organization ?

What percent of GDP is invested in providing education?

According to the world Economics Forum which one of the following risks is the greatest risk faced by the world in the year 2011?

Which of the following organizations provides credit history of t he borrowers ?

Bank make frequent changes in their product profile including introduction of new product etc .This is called

FIMMDA stands for

Vikram Pandit is associated with which of the following banks ?

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