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On Gyandaata.com you can do this for as little as Rs 5 a day. Gyandaata permits you to advertise in three ways:-

     Link Advertising
  • In this  we paste the link of your website or your post on our web portal at the end of the related posts .Like if you run an institute of management then we will paste a link of your website in mid of the post in which there are notes to crack MAT Exam or the post in which there is the list of management institutes.
     Banner Advertising
    • You get an opportunity to paste a banner ad of your web portal or your institute at the front page of our web portal . So that whoever comes on our visitor can see your advertisement.
     Full  Advertising:-
   You will be given a page on our website in which there will be the whole information related to your institution . We will give the link to this page at the center of our web portal so that all the visitor may get access to your page. With this golden scheme we make a deal with you that our education experts will counsel the students for your institute if any query is there in our web portal regarding the best institute in your area
To help you in advertisement, please feel free to contact us at   9548983779

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