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Q:competitive exams

Some vocabulary words for the competitive exams

Word Meaning Impel - Motivate Implicit Implied Imposter cheat Imitate - Copy Induce - Persuade Intrude - Encroach Lethal - Deadly Officious - meddlesome Onerous - Burdensome...

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Reading passage of English for competitive exams

It is an old saying that knowledge is power .Education is an instrument which imparts knowledge and, therefore ,indirectly controls power .Therefore ,ever since the dawn of civilization person in power...

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Terms and Words related to Banking

Housing Price Index Th launch of the Nation Housing Bank  ( NHB ) RESIDEX in India in 2007 was a maiden efforts to capture the trend of price movement in residential property on a comprehensive scale...

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Types of money

Types of Money Commodity money – Commodity money value is derived from the commodity out of which it is made. The commodity itself...

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MAT February 2013

There are many ways to get entry into Management stream . Mat is one of them . It has its own place in all the test for MBA entrance .Every year Lakhs of students appear this test .  MAT exam is organized...

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Competitive exams of Engineering after 12th

1. All Indian Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE): All Indian Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) is the famous exam to take admission in engineering and architecture courses in famous and good engineering...

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Some Abbreviation for Competitive exams

ACF -Auto-Correlation Function AD -Authorized Dealer ADB- Asian Development Bank ADR -American Depository Receipt AFS- Annual Financial Statement AGM -Annual General Meeting AIRCSC- All India Rural...

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Major Types of Animals (Vocabulary of English for Competitive Exams )

Aquatic - animals living in or near water , such as fish , whales , ducks Arboreal - Animals living in trees as most birds , monkeys , etc . Biped - an animal having only two feet , such as man...

List of Various committes and their Focus area

Here is a list of Committees and their main Focus Areas A C Shah Committee – Non banking Financial Company A Ghosh Committee- Frauds & Malpractices in Banks Abid Hussain Committee –...

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International Financial Institutions

International Financial Institutions International Monetary Fund It is an organization of 187 countries , working to foster global monetary co-operation , secure financial stability , facilitate...

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Some Terms related to Banking

Creditor - A person or organisation which extends credit to others. Creditworthiness- A creditor's measure of an individuals or company's ability to meet debt obligations Crossed cheque - A form...

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Institute Which provides training for the Competitive Exams in Dehradun

1. Career Launcher 18A /1 Subhash road , Near Kanak Cinema , Dehradun 2 . Inspiration Study Center ( Civil Services ) 3. RAI,S Success Academy...

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