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Earthquake in Nepal




TOday on APril 25th 2015 , earth quake of 7.9 was felt in Nepal .It was a very powerful and destructive earth quake .Two major strokes of Earth quake were felt .The first was at 11.41 in the morning and the second one was at 12.18.The first stroke of Earth quake was felt near about for 2 minute and the second was felt for 30 seconds.This earth quake has destroyed the Tharhara tower completely .This historical building is completely demolished.Near about 566 people are dead in Nepal and the Number of deaths may increased. Janki temple in Nepal is also damaged.It is also said that Base camp of Mount Everest is also damaged and many people are trapped their.It is being said that the stones in Himalyas may also cause more strokes.
In India in many states the earth quake was felt.Delhi ,UP .Bihar ,Rajasthan,West Bengal and Punjabs are the states where strokes were Delhi the stroke was for 5 at scale and in Bihar it was of 6.

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