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From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap
The peddler who went round selling small rattraps of wire leading a sad and monotonous life .But one day the man had fallen into a line of thought .He had naturally been his rattraps when suddenly he was struck by the idea that the whole world around him was nothing , but a big rattrap.

Why was he amused by this idea?
One day , the peddler was struck by the idea that the whole world around him was nothing but a big rattrap .He was amused by the idea because the world offered riches and joys, shelter and food , to trap the people exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork to trap the rats.For More Click Here

Did the peddler expect the kind of hospitality that he received from the crofter?No, the crofter who was an old man did not show him a sour face. Rather he was happy to receive him because he got someone to talk to I his loneliness.The old man was very hospitable and he gave him porridge for supper and tabbacco for his pipe.He also played cards with him until bedtime.

Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with peddler?
The crofter was living alone.He was happy to get someone to talk to in his loneness . So he was very friendly with the peddler .He gave him porridge for supper and tobacco for his pipe.He also played cards with him .He talked him about his old days of prosperity and his cow which supported him.

Why did he show thirty krinir to the peddler?
The crofter told the peddler that it was his cow which supported him.She gave milk for the creamy everyday and last month he had all of thirty kronor in payment .But the stranger seemed incredulous , so the old showed thirty kronor to the peddler.

Did the peddler respect the confidence resposed in him by the crofter?
No, The peddler left the cottae and went his own way.But after half an hour he returned went upto the window , smashed a pane ,and got hold of the pounch with thirty kronor .He stole the money and went away.
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