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What will Sadao do to get rid of the man?
Dr. Sadao tells everything to the General who promises to get the enemy soldier in his house killed.When the General fails to fulfill his promise , he puts the enemy soldier in a boot and ass him to reach a nearby island from where he may be picked up by a Korean boat. Thus he gets rid of the man who may prove to be dangerous to him any time.
How was Sadao more than a doctor?
Sadao was a surgeon but at the same time he was a scientist too. He became famous for trying to make a discovery which would render wounds entirely clean.
Why was he not sent abroad with the troops?
The old General who was suffering from a painful malady had great faith in the capabilities of Dr Sadao.He thought he might need his services at any time.So he was not sent abroad with the troop.
Who was Hana ?What impression do you form of her?
Hana was the wife of Doctor Sadao.She was very caring and loving . She was very patriotic and brave also.She understands her husband very much.
How did Sadao fulfill his duty as a citizen?
When a prisoner was healed of his wound , SAdao typed a letter to the chief of the police reporting the whole matter , but somehow he did not send the letter .But when he went to see the General in connection with his ailment , he told him everything connected with the American prisoners.Thus he fulfills his duty as a citizen.
How did the geneal react on hearing about the doctor’s sheltering an enemy ?
The general dis not lose temper on hearing about the doctor ‘s sheltering an enemy .He knew that he did his duty in tending a wounded person.Moreover he did not get the doctor arrested because he needed his services as he was suffering from a painful malady – possibly a heart problem.

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