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Nose versus Eyes




Nose Versus Eyes
This is a poem by William cowper .It is a poem on an interesting subjects .There is the dispute between nose a nd eyes .It is about the spectacles .Each one claims that the spectacles belongs to it .The eyes use the spectacles to see things .The nose holds the spectacles and keeps them in place.
Points of law are raised .The thing belongs to one in whose possession it is . so the spectacles to the nose .These is no face without nose. If there had been no nose , there would have been no spectacles .The judgement is as interesting as the argument.
A dispute between nose and eyes .the points of contention was if the spectacles belong to nose or eyes .The tongue took up the role of the lawyer .It argued the case with a professional skill.It gave learned references of law to support its point.Chief Baron Ear sat in the court to settle the question of law. He was famous for his analytical mind intelligent judgment .
The argument began in favour of the nose .Addressing the judge , the judge lawyer argued that the Nose always has spectacles to wear .This meant he was always in possession of those spectacles .He was the possessor and therefore ,the spectacles belonges to him .Then it had a straddle as wide as the ridge of the Nose .It was designed to rest on the nose as perfectly as a saddle was on a horse .This again proved that the spectacles belonged to the Nose.
Another argument was even more interesting .The lawyer drew the attention of the judge to the fact that every face had a nose .There never was a face without nose. Suppose for the sake of argument,that there was such a face .Then he could wear a spectacles?The lawyer pleaded that his reasoning would be accepted by the court .HE concluded that the spectacles were plainly made for the nose and nose was meant for the spectacles.
The same lawyer then shifted his side .Now he began to argue in favour of the eyes .He argued in the best possible way he could .But none knew what his arguments were .The court remained unconvinced .The arguments in the favour of eyes were not as convincing as they were in the favor of nose.So his lordship gave nose put his spectacles on,by daylight or candle –light .

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