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Contentment is a beautiful poem composed by Oliver Wendell Hiolmes .He was an American writer and physician .Born in Cambridge ,Massachusetts Holmes was educated at Harvard College .He studied in Europe also and in 1836 he received a medical degree from Harvard Medicl school.Many of his poems are well known .Old Ironsides ,The Chambered Nautillus and The Deacon’s Masterpiece are some of those masterpiece.
Contentment is a poem that deals with the subject of contentment , or what we call a feeling of self satisfaction .The first line at the very opening makes the expected statement ,Little I ask : my wants are few Here is the man of contentment – we might exclaim .But what follows belies our expect.
The poet does not ask many things in life.His needs are very few. He only wishes to have a hut of stone .It may be very plain, brown stone .He should only be able to call it his own home . By chance a hut is just nearby in that street that faces the sun .If nature can sutain life on three , he should ask for no more , but be thankfull to God for these .I always thought that cold food was nice.So his choice would be vanilla ice.
He is not hungry for gold or land .It would be all right if he was given a mortgage here and there ,some good bank –stock , and some note of hand ,and a little railroad share .Only this much fortune will do for him .Only he wishes to receive a little more than he would spend .As for the honors ,these are only cheap toys .Titles are but empty names .He would just be plenipo ,an envoy with full powers but only near St .James ,I would not bother to hold the office of the governor.
Jewels are just cheap ornament .The poet considers it a sin to care for such hollow things.All he would care to have include a good sized diamond in his tie –pin ,some smaller diamond in rings , a ruby and a pearl , or so .HE wife should wear cheap clothing .She can have good ,heavy silks ,for they are never very expensive .The poet admits that he might desire some shawls of true cashmere quality.His wife can have craps of China silk.
He is a man of sober nature .So he does not like to have a horse that runs very fast .He does not want to attract the attention of people by riding such a horse .An easy gaits suits him .But he can sometimes enjoys a sudden rush which may last for a short time .Such a thing can do no harm .As for the pictures he needs for decorating his horse, he would like to own three or four Titians and Raphaels .He loves the style and tone of these painters. Added to these ,may be a painting by Tumer ,depicting a landscape in sunshine woth golden dirt in the foreground.
The poet wants to have a library of him own .He would like to have a thousand books for daily use and securely bound .The remaining books would be stored on the upper floor .These books would be beautifully bound in goat skin or calfskin leather with their shining polish .Other pieces of decoration would b e sculptures of head and shoulders ,stones of two layers cut in relief and gems .Other people want to posses these things to make a show of them ,but the poet values them for their power to please the beholder.
He would not learn the extravagant habits of wealthy people .He would not imitate the ways of fools who has suddenly become rich carved table would serve his purpose .He does not believe pompand show .In this manner ,he would like to live a humble life and die a humble death .He has no desire for the golden touch acquired by the greedy kind Midas .If more liberal gifts are denied to him by Heaven ,He would not crave for them .He would rather be grateful to God for the blessings already given to him by granting him a contented mind with simple tastes and humble desires.

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