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Character Sketch of Hana in The Enemy




Hana In The Enemy
Hana is the wife of Dr Sadao.She is a loving and sincere person. She is devoted to her husband and loves her children .That is why , she asks her husband not to take a risk in healing the wound of an enemy soldier .But when she finds him determined to do his professional duty, she agrees to extend her full cooperation .
She is full of human considerations .Though she does not have good feelings for the enemy soldier, she does not turn him over for fear of disturbing his wounds .she assists her husband in performing the operation on the wounded soldier.She observes deep red scars on his neck and realizes that he must have been tortured .She develops tender feelings for him for a while.
Haa is a good and dignified housewife.She obeys her husband and nurses the wounded soldier.When the servants disapprove of their action of harbouring the enemy soldier, she does not lose her patience .She does not utter even a single bad word to them.When they leave the house on the seventh day , they are paid off by Hana. It reveals her kind and generous nature .

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