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an interview of sushil kumar




Sushil kumar has created a history for India to win medals twice in the continous  olympics .He won silver in 2012 and Bronze in 2008. there is an interview of him

How was your experience in london Olympics ?

Sushil – I went to London to win gold . I did a lots of efforts but I will not say that i am dissatisfied . I am very happy to win silver . This is precious and special for me as it is the second one .

How were you feeling in final

Sushil – I did not even imagine to get such a resultss . After finals for a long time there was a dope test . I went in the rink thinking that i will attack after 1 minute and this was the wrong one . I should have attacked earlier only.

Were you sick before finals .

Yes on 12th august before the match I got sick . I was to lessen the 5 to 6 kg weigh so I stopped eating so I fall sick . But I am happy that I won the medal .

Do you want to give any message to youngsters.

Do hard work you will definitely get the success.

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