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Classification of Lesson Plan




What is the Classification of Lesson Plan ?

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Classification of Lesson Plan
Keeping in view the structure and form of the lesson plans , these have been classified into the following classes
3.1 Macro Approach
3.2 Micro Approach
3.3 Written Form
3.4 Unwritten Form
Macro Approach – The micro approach to lesson – planning is used in the traditional teaching practice .In this the basis of the lesson’s unit is larger .Hence in the lesson plan of macro teaching , the activities of forty to fifty pupils in 30 to 45 minutes are asked to develop.In other words the lesson plans of this approach are prepared to teach a large group of pupils for 30 to 60 minutes .The preparation of lesson plans are taught to the student – teachers before beginning the teaching task in the teachers training colleges or departments so that they may accomplish the task of teaching practice under the guidance of some supervisor or a guide.
Micro –Approach – The lesson plans of micro approach are not used for teaching practice but these are used to develop various skills and to bring about the modifications in thir behavior .The lesson plans under this approach are prepared to teach 5 to 7 pupils in 5 to 10 minutes .In other words , the lesson plans of micro approach are prepared to teach small groups of pupils for 5 5 to 10 minutes . When the pupil- teacher to teacher teach according to the lesson plan of micro – approach in order to develop a skill in them , their supervisor allows him or some other pupil- teacher to teach the same lesson after imparting proper and urgent instructions.Hence micro approach includes teaching guidance , re- teaching , reguidance or instructions, reinforcement , feedback etc. and by using these techniques ,behavior of the pupils in modified . this micro- approach has proved very useful in the qualitative improvement of the teachers n the various universities of England and America .In our country too , many researchers and experiments are being concluded in NCERT , CASE and Meerut University.
Written Form – In the training colleges or department preparing the written form of lesson plan is taught to the pupil- teachers in the training colleges or training departments .When the pupil- teacher get learnt to prepare the written form of the lesson plan and start their teaching practice , then their supervisors provide them with proper suggestions by comparing the lesson plan and the teaching activities so that they may acquire the objectives of teaching.
Unwritten formUnder rules , every in- service –teacher has to teach daily 5 to 6 classes .In such a situation , to teach every class, preparation of written forms of lesson plans is very difficult , if not impossible .Hence , before entering the class , they prepare unwritten form of the lesson – plan in their minds so that the teaching objective may b e achieved by an interaction between a teacher and pupils.

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